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At the practice of G & G Disability, Attorneys At Law, you have the opportunity to seek a free initial consultation with a Honolulu, HI, lawyer. Our firm provides highly flexible appointment options in order to address the scheduling needs of each client, and we also offer weekend appointment times. We never ask for any money upfront when a client chooses to hire us.

We're a family-owned and operated practice that includes a former Social Security judge. Our firm utilizes video technology in order to represent client's claims anywhere within the United States. You can ask us to personally take a look at a case if it involves:

  • Questions about disability laws
  • A Social Security claim

Our viewpoint at G & G Disability, Attorneys At Law has been shaped by more than 50 years of combined experience. Contact our helpful office staff today, make arrangements to consult with a Honolulu, HI, lawyer, and hear our sense of how you might want to move forward with your claim.